CCM Music Videos or mini movies

 by Steve Brown

Several people have asked me for a good source of music videos to use as sing-a-longs either in worship or at youth events.  These are great, especially if you have limited instrumentalists in your congregation.  I have found the best videos to be produced by Integrity Worship.  They have several families of music videos but the “iworship at home” series seems to offer the “best bang for the buck.”  For about $15, you can buy one DVD that contains a half dozen or so professionally recorded song videos with lyrics to sing along with.  You can purchase these at your local Christian Bookstore and on-line at (search on “iworship at home”)

You can also see the full line up of Integrity music videos at their website:

One note of caution, please review the songs prior to usage and make sure that the lyrics are in line with your doctrinal beliefs.  I have found most of these songs to be good, but I have not seen all of the DVDs.

Other Music Video resources:


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