more good Blended Worship songs, submitted by readers

This will be a growing list of good CCM songs, as more readers submit
their best CCM songs for WELS Blended Worship.

“Glorious Day” by Casting Crowns

“My life is in Your hands” by Kirk Franklin

“I Run to Christ” by Chris Anderson

“On Christ I Stand” by Benjamin Harlan

“I AM” by Mark Schultz

“The Work of His Hands” by Michael Schmid (

“My Saving God” by Michael Schmid (

“I Can Do Anything In Christ” by Michael Schmid (

“Go Fish” by Michael Schmid (

“Confession” by Michael Schmid (

“The Least I Can Do” by Mark Roach

“This is the Gift of God” by Jon Abel and Carl Cartee

“Psalm 103” by Mark Peterson (EmuMusic)

“Psalm 143” by Nicky Chiswell (EmuMusic)

“The Lamb” by Gerald Coleman (LSB 547)

“Lamb of God” by Twila Paris (LSB 550)

“My Hope is Built on Nothing Less” by Edward Mote (LSB 576)

“Baptized in His Name” by Michael Schmid (

“Blessed to be a Blessing” by Michael Schmid (

“Lead Us Up” by Michael Schmid (

“Yesterday, Today and Forever” by Michael Schmid (

“God Loves Me Dearly” (Lappy 93)

“Let Me Learn of Jesus” (Lappy 175)

“The First Song of Isaiah” (Lappy 71)

“God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending” (Lappy 96)

“Man of Sorrows” (Lappy 20)

“The Word” by Michael Card (Lappy 336)

“Alleluia to Jesus (Jacob’s Ladder)” (Lappy 10)

“This is the Gospel of Christ” by Scott Wesley Brown ( 

“Glorious Day” by Wilbur Chapman, Michael Bleecker 

“How can this be?” by Simone Richardson, Philip Percival (EmuMusic)

Jaroslav Vajda songs 

“Beautiful Savior” by Stuart Townend

“Oh Calvary’s Lamb” by Sandi Patty

“He took the cross” by the Gospelmen


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