“Across the Lands” by Keith Getty


Across the Lands   by Keith Getty


You’re the Word of God the Father, from before the world began;
Ev’ry star and ev’ry planet has been fashioned by Your hand.
All creation holds together by the power of Your voice:
Let the skies declare Your glory, let the land and seas rejoice

Refrain: You’re the Author of creation, You’re the Lord of ev’ry man;
and Your cry of love rings out across the lands.

Yet You left the gaze of angels, Came to seek and save the lost;
and exchanged the joy of heaven for the anguish of a cross.
With a prayer You fed the hungry, with a word You stilled the sea.
Yet how silently You suffered that the guilty may go free.


With a shout You rose victorious, wresting vict’ry from the grave,
and ascended into heaven leading captives in Your wake.
Now You stand before the Father interceding for Your own.
From each tribe and tongue and nation You are leading sinners home.



REVIEW by John Kehl

Keith Getty is known for well-thought out and well-crafted songs that have depth and substance. Here we have another song with a rich message and gospel proclamation.  I appreciate how the song speaks of  Jesus, the Word made flesh, the Word of God, as Creator (v1), Savior (v2), and the One interceding for us at God’s throne and bringing us home to heaven (v3).   But the more a person sings this song, the more they appreciate the depth of the message and the poetic extension of the theme of Jesus as the Word of God.  See all the underlined words in the song that use the “word” idea.  The Word as “the Author” of creation is a good insight (God spoke, Let there be ___, and there was ___), but the idea is continued as verse 2 says “with a prayer” He fed the hungry, “with a word” you stilled the sea, (the Power in His Word) yet “how silently” you suffered that the guilty may go free (Jesus was silent and held back his power in order to die for our sins).

 “Across the Lands” has strong lyrics with a Christ centered and Gospel centered message.  Each verse flows well from one thought to the next.  I would recommend this song for  WELS Blended Worship.

Across the Lands   by Keith Getty




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