Pastor — meet the Worship Leader; Worship Leader — meet the Pastor!

 by Steve Brown



I recently listened to a round table discussion between Pastors and their Worship Leaders (a Lay position, sometimes called “Music Director), in a podcast, that I found to be interesting, amusing and very appropriate for the audience that reads this BLOG.

I know that I (as a “Worship Leader”) personally resonated with these discussion items and I also know that my Pastor is going to relate to, and chuckle at, some of these comments when he reads it as well.

These are my notes from this particular round table discussion:

What a Pastor wants in a worship leader:

  • Piety
  • An in depth knowledge of theology and doctrine
  • Men of God
  • Teachable
  • Attends Pastor’s Conferences with me
  • Good people skills
  • Musical skills
  • Character
  • Someone who can fill in my character gaps and weaknesses and hopefully I’ll do the same for him – together we need to make an awesome team
  • Easy to get along with
  • Knowledge of the Bible
  • Commitment
  • Dependable
  • Choose music to complement my preaching
  • Choose an upbeat song before the sermon (followed by chuckling)
  • Listen to hymns; in fact read your hymnal as a devotional book
  • Stop spending so much time and energy on the contemporary services and do something to help out with the Traditional as well


What a Worship Leader wants in his Pastor:

  • A Friend and Confidant
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Their attention
  • Their feedback and criticisms
  • Open mindedness
  • Give us your sermon theme a few weeks in advance and then we’ll choose music accordingly (said in response to the above Pastor’s comment – again followed by chuckling)
  • Get to know us
  • Surprise us some morning by asking “Did you hear the new tune from Tomlin yet?”
  • Pray for me


Aren’t the differences striking?  I hope that these comments help all of you in your relationship with each other.


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