Blended Worship liturgy

from “Blended Worship: Where do we start?” by Pastor Rob Raasch

B. Content

1. Service information
a) Theme
b) Welcome and visitor information
c) Today’s worship paragraph

2. Come, Let Us Worship the Lord
a) Greetings/silent prayer
b) Opening song of praise
c) Invocation
d) Responsive reading

3. We Confess our Sins and Rejoice in God’s Forgiveness
a) Confession options
b) Response song
c) Prayer of the Day options

4. God Speaks to Us Through His Word
a) Three readings, including introductory line
b) Statement of Faith
c) Song of the Day options
d) Today’s meditation

5. We Offer to God our Thanks and Praise
a) Sermon response (if no communion)
b) Offering and friendship register paragraph
c) Lord’s Prayer

6. God Comes to us Through His Holy Supper
a) Responsive intro and song response
b) Words of institution and response
c) Distribution song
d) Thanksgiving
e) Prayer

7. God Sends Us With His Blessing
a) Responsive theme closing
b) Benediction
c) Closing song


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