Some cautions/dangers in some CCM songs

1. CCM becomes entertainment, instead of ministry and edification, worship and gospel proclamation.

2. CCM songs are picked because of how catchy or upbeat or popular a song is, instead of being picked by its content.

3. Many songs with catchy tunes but shallow content are picked over CCM songs with good solid words and message.

4. Some CCM songs are shallow. Most CCM songs are “praise” songs.

5. Some CCM songs reflect a Charismatic theology that emphasizes emotional experience, subjective feelings, and a desire to get an emotional high to get into the “presence of God”.

6. Some CCM songs reflect a Reformed theology that confuses and commingles Law and Gospel, justification and sanctification or whose main focus is sanctification and commitment.

7. Many CCM songs are the products of the Charismatic movement and are an integral part of that movement.  They express charismatic theology and teaching and promote charismatic experiences.

8. Examples of Pentecostal teaching in some CCM songs:
     a. All praise and no content in order to reach an emotional high to “get closer to God” and “into His presence”.
     b. Salvation based on a feeling, being filled with the Holy Ghost, instead of being based on Christ’s death on the cross.
     c. “In love” with God, like a boyfriend/girlfriend.
     d. Focus on me and my feelings and what I do, instead of focus on God and what He did for me (divine service).
     e. CCM has become a business, many of the CCM companies are now owned by secular companies whose main goal may be to make money. Many of the CCM rock  stars main goal may be to make the next hit, to make it in the top 40 hits, so the emphasis might be to have a general message and appeal to all denominations and beliefs.

9. Examples of Reformed teaching in some CCM songs:
     a. Songs emphasize sanctification and omit the gospel.
     b. Commingle justification and sanctification, law and gospel.
     c. Code words: irresistible grace,
     d. TULIP
     e. Lordship Salvation: “Jesus as my sovereign Lord and Master seems to trump Jesus as my Redeemer and Savior from sin, death, and hell.”

10. Examples of Catholic teaching in some CCM songs:
     a. Focus on the virgin Mary and the saints.
     b. Good works needed for salvation.

11. Examples of Pietism teaching in some CCM songs:
     a. Pietists sang about feelings. Rationalists sang about morality.
     b. Hymns about how we love Jesus, instead of how much Jesus loves us and the proclamation of the gospel and what Christ has done for us and the objective truths of God’s  Word.
     c. See “The Formation and Function of WELS hymnals” by Jon Zabell
     d. See “Pietism: Past and Present” by John Brenner


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