guidelines from CW supplement hymn sampler CD

from “Christian Worship Supplement Hymn Sampler CD”

I see the writing of hymn texts as only another form — rhyming, rhythmic, more compact — of the proclamation of the Gospel. Hymns are the church’s sung testimony to God’s mighty acts of grace and judgment toward us and our world, attested in Scripture and attaining their fullest expression in Jesus Christ.
Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., “The Word Goes Forth” p. 4-5; GIA 1993

God is praised when the gospel is rightly proclaimed; and, conversely, the proclamation of the gospel is the way that God is rightly praised. There is no artificial division between songs that “proclaim” and others that “praise”: unless “praise songs” proclaim the good news of the gospel, they are not, in any Christian sense, praise songs at all.
Carl Schalk “Hymnody and the Proclamation of the Gospel,” in Not Unto Us: A Celebration of the Ministry of Kurt J. Eggert, p. 138. NPH 2001

…All the Church’s great composers have understood the proclamatory nature of their art, that through it the eternal sound of God’s grace focused in Jesus Christ is made known and shared with his redeemed people.
Robin Leaver “The Theological Character of Music in Worship” p. 11. CPH 1989


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